What type of video game are we producing?

Survival, MMO

Will it be 2D or 3D?


What are some of the key features it has?

Survival, looting, crafting, multiplayer

Who are its characters?

Customize characters.

When and where does it take place?

It is an imaginary earth where the mutant comes from above in an asteroid.

Who is our target audience?

18 - 30 and game enthusiast

Which platform are we building this on?

Playstation, Xbox, PC and Nintando

What is our estimated cost to develop this game?

100,000 euros

Do we have the technological capabilities to build it?


Will we require a new gaming engine?

No, We have Unreal Engine 5.

How big will our team need to be?

30 people

Are we hiring external voice actors and writers?


What is our estimated timeframe for launch?

1years 5 months

How are we monetizing it?

Shop inside the game for ingame purchases